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    Are You Working Harder When You Could Be Working Smarter?

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    Because you're reading this, there's a good chance you're making this huge mistake...


    Instead of systemising and streamlining your business, you and your sales and marketing teams spend all day following up with prospects, sending out proposals, manually processing orders, and handling low-value administrative tasks that could be automated to save time and effort.


    While you should be focusing on what you do best and looking for new opportunities to increase revenues, your job has become chief "firefighter."


    Or - perhaps to keep up with the never-ending to-do lists you've ended up creating a new, even bigger problem...


    In order to manage day-to-day operations, free up your time for more high-value tasks, and streamline your workflow, you've invested countless hours and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in 5+ different systems and software platforms to make your job easier.


    But despite all that, it still isn't getting any easier, is it?


    Instead, now you've got 5+ different systems with 5+ different logins and 5+ different monthly fees... your customer data is spread all over the place... and it seems impossible to find what you need right when you need it.


    You feel like you're drowning in tasks and tools... but you're not getting any closer to your goals.


    If this sounds familiar, relax because you've come to the right place.




  • Growing and Managing Your Business just Got 100X Easier

    Connecting Teams Helps Small Business Owners Boost Productivity and Sales with Automated Systems and Strategies That Work.

    What if I told you that TODAY you could effortlessly follow up on leads, process all orders, and make progress on the things that really move the needle in your business -- and still make it home in time for dinner with the family?


    That's what business automation allows you to do. Our certified and reliable experts will help you set up a single, automated system that consistently brings in your ideal clients on demand, follows up and nurtures leads for you, and streamlines your business processes so that you can do MORE with LESS and finally create the freedom you deserve!


    And Zoho is the easy-to-use platform that lets you do all this and more from one convenient location. Not only does it come with ALL the easy-to-use applications you and your teams need to run your entire business from anywhere, with just one account login... but this lead and revenue-generating, business-boosting machine only costs AU$35/month per employee (billed annually)!


    Now, instead of throwing away money on countless tools that don't "talk" to each other, you can house all your communications under one roof - accessible from anywhere, on any device. And our team of certified experts will help you do it.


  • Discover How Connecting Teams Can Give You Back Your Free Time While Boosting Sales with Business Automation

    When You Partner with Our Zoho Certified Experts, You Can:

      • Increase sales and revenue with all the customised tools you need to close more business deals in less time...
      • Stay organised and increase productivity by keeping all your leads, prospects, clients, suppliers, and partners in one convenient location with one login...
      • Reach and follow up with clients and prospects with more effective communication to speed up the sales process and avoid cold leads who slip through the cracks...
      • Automate all your lead generation, tracking, and follow-up efforts so that you have more free time to focus on what you do best...
      • Effortlessly create, implement, and manage your marketing campaigns for better results...
      • Attract your ideal customer by identifying who they are, what problems they have, and how you can solve them...
      • Follow-up with prospects and convert them into customers on autopilot (Only 3% of your target customers are ready to buy now... by automating the lead nurture process, you can continue moving the other 97% along the customer journey even if you're away from your desk)...
      • Save time and money by housing all of your sales and marketing teams' tools in a single, simple, integrated platform that you can access from anywhere on any device... 
      • Create better workflow and a more effective workspace for your teams by streamlining day-to-day operations and increasing collaboration, function, and visibility...
      • Future-proof your business by bringing it into the 21st century with all the simple tools you need to adapt to an ever-changing business environment...
      • Enjoy the lifestyle of freedom you've been dreaming about since you started this business... thanks to automated systems that support you in everything you...
      • And much, much, much more...
    • PLUS: First-Rate Service and Support Based in Australia


      Our Team of Certified Experts Go above and beyond Your Zoho Suite Setup to Help You:


      • Get access to a fully personalised, turnkey CRM
      • Effortlessly migrate from your current system to our revolutionary Zoho integrated applications
      • Create customised live reports that make it fast and easy for management to track performance across all aspects of the business from any device and any location
      • Get tailor-made trainings covering everything you need to know to be successful with Zoho
      • Enjoy custom integrations of 3rd party applications within your Zoho suite
      • Custom built apps (including mobile iOS and Android apps) for any business process
      • Implement fully integrated communications for enhanced team and customer collaboration (Emails, Documents, Notes, Quotes, Invoices, etc)
      • Set up and integrate your Business Phone System (PBX) and Call Centre with Zoho
      • Strategise and execute your sales funnels to maximise revenue growth
      • Professional and friendly support from real, live people in Australia

      Try Zoho Now - 30 Day Free Trial
    • How to get Business, Sales & Marketing Automation Working for your Business

      We Follow a Unique Process to Help You Attract More of Your Dream Customers While Making Your Job Easier


      Analyse Your Goals

      The first step to revolutionising the way you work is to get clear about your goals. We work with you one-on-one to help you map out your goals and develop a strategy to get from wherever you are right now to where you want to go.


      Define Your Customer Journey

      Before building your customer-generating machine, you need to know what the sales process is like for new prospects who come into your funnel. How will you take them from stranger to raving fan? We'll help you flesh this out and decide what needs to happen at each stage to get your customers to the next one.


      Collect the Right Information

      We don't just guess at what works. We collect data in order to make smarter decisions. We'll help you make sure your sales team has the right information at exactly the right time while also collecting valuable customer data to help you create more effective marketing campaigns.


      Build Systems to Support You

      Once your foundation is built, we help you systemise! We'll take your online (and offline) processes and drive them into a turnkey Zoho CRM that has been fully customised to your business's specialised needs.


      Automate Your Business Processes

      It's time to STOP working harder... and START working smarter with all the 21st century tools now at your fingertips. Let our certified experts help you rethink the way you work and ultimately increase your teams' sales and productivity by eliminating repetitive, mindless tasks and bottlenecks.

    • Ready to Start Working Smarter - Not Harder?

      • Are you tired of having multiple, complex systems and tools for your lead generation, email marketing, sales and ordering, staff management, and more... yet none of them work together to make your life any easier?
      • Do you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail and putting out fires but never making any real progress towards your business goals and dreams?
      • Have you been thinking about automating and streamlining your business with Zoho... but you don't know where to turn to or who to trust?


      Then we want to be the long-term partner you and your team relies on. We're a team of certified Zoho experts who can help you systemise your business and create more time, money and freedom in no time.


      Complete the information below to book your FREE strategy session, and find out how we can help you grow your business on autopilot with Zoho and so much more!

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